UFT Announces NYC Council Endorsements for 2021 Giving 15 Candidates A Big Boost

Wednesday evening the UFT decided on their next round of City Council candidate endorsements for 2021. The UFT stated that all of these candidates demonstrated that they will be the best representatives for their districts, and pledge to support their local school communities and prioritize the needs of our union.

The following candidates will have the support of the New York City teachers and their union, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) as they continue in their respective races for 2021 City Council.  The UFT is one of the largest and most powerful unions in New York City. The endorsement does not guarantee victory, but it sure does get thesde candidates closer to the winners circle.

Endorsed Candidates

Pierina Sanchez from District 14

Althea Stevens from District 16

Amanda Farias from District 18

Tiffany Caban from District 22

James Gennaro from District 24

Lynn Schulman from District 29

Michael Scala from District 32

Jennifer Gutierrez from District 34

Henry Butler from District 36

Alexa Aviles from District 38

Josue “Josh” Pierre from District 40

Nikki Lucas from District 42

Shirley Paul from District 46

Steven Saperstein from District 48

Amoy Barnes from District 49

Full List of UFT Endorsed City Council Candidates

City Council 1 Jenny Low
City Council 2 Carlina Rivera
City Council 3 Erik Bottcher
City Council 4 Keith Powers
City Council 5 Julie Menin
City Council 6 Gale Brewer
City Council 8 Diana Ayala

Office District Candidate
City Council 8 Diana Ayala
City Council 12 Kevin Riley
City Council 13 Mark Gjonaj
City Council 14 Pierina Sanchez
City Council 16 Althea Stevens
City Council 18 Amanda Farias

City Council 20 Sandra Ung
City Council 21 Francisco Moya
City Council 22 Tiffany Caban
City Council 24 James Gennaro
City Council 28 Adrienne Adams
City Council 29 Lynn Schulman
City Council 30 Robert Holden
City Council 32 Michael Scala

City Council 33 Lincoln Restler
City Council 34 Jennifer Gutierrez
City Council 35 Crystal Hudson
City Council 36 Henry Butler
City Council 37 Darma Diaz
City Council 38 Alexa Aviles
City Council 39 Briget Rein*
City Council 40 Josue “Josh” Pierre
City Council 41 Alicka Ampry-Samuel
City Council 42 Nikki Lucas
City Council 43 Justin Brannan
City Council 44 Kalman Yeger
City Council 45 Farah Louis
City Council 46 Shirley Paul
City Council 47 Ari Kagan
City Council 48 Steven Saperstein*
*UFT member

Staten Island
Office District Candidate
City Council 49 Amoy Barnes

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