Brooklyn Hip Hop Artist ‘Kota the Friend’ Publishes His First Children’s Book Introducing Them to the World of Travel

Today, Brooklyn rapper, songwriter, record producer, and world traveler Kota the Friend has embarked on his latest venture with the official release of his children’s book, title Kota In Sedona.  

Kota in Sedona is a heartwarming tale that takes young readers on a captivating journey filled with adventure, discovery, and parental bonding. The story follows the adventures of Little Kota, as he and his dad travel to and through Sedona, Arizona. Based on some of his own music, this lyric-like story explores this magical town’s sights, wonders, and uniqueness. 

Kota the Friend stated, “Many of my songs are titled after locations where I have travelled. I had no idea as a child that most of these destinations even existed. If children are introduced to different places throughout the US and around the world it will open their mind to the possibilities. I know my son loves to travel now, and children learn so much by travelling.”

The book draws inspiration from Kota’s personal journeys with his son, aiming to familiarize urban city families with potential travel destinations. By exposing children to travel experiences, it opens their minds to new possibilities and introduces them to a world beyond their immediate surroundings. Growing up in Brooklyn himself, Kota always felt a sense of curiosity about life beyond New York. This awareness led him to recognize the vastness of life, nature, and breathtaking experiences awaiting outside the city. Kota has passed on these values to his own children, motivating him to share this important lesson with other urban city kids.

Kota is known to include locations in his song titles such as “COLORADO,” “MILAN,” “YUMA,” “OREGON,” “TULUM” and “VIETNAM” for example, and he intends to maintain this thematic approach in future books, wherein he and Little Kota will explore different parts of the world.

Additionally, Kota is coming off the heels of releasing his latest album Lyrics to GO, vol. 5.  In the new project, he embraces vulnerability and emotional depth in his music – and his new album is a processing of times and places, observed and felt, creating parallel experiences for adults to enjoy themselves. 

As an astute storyteller, Kota creates relatable music that resonates with the mind and comforts the soul, and Kota In Sedona hopes to create a comforting curiosity for kids who dream of traveling. 

Kota In Sedona officially released March 8th, 2024 and will appear on all major online retail platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Walmart, Booktopia, Apple, and Kobo to name a few. 

The paperback was made affordable as it retails for $16.99, and the eBook retails for $8.99.  – 

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