New Aviation Program Takes Students To New Heights

Being a pilot of an aircraft is a life-changing experience that many are not fortunate to enjoy. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year’s figures show less than 3% of US commercial pilots are African Americans. Many young adults dream of a life among the clouds and those dreams are becoming reality courtesy of a youth program specially curated for students in the inner boroughs of New York City.

What is United Youth Aviators Summer Camp?

UYA is an organization that offers students the opportunity to try their hands in flying a real plane. The program runs with a vision that was conceived by three policemen, namely Winston Faison, Cletodell Titus, and Milton Davis. Their upcoming summer boot camp will provide teenagers with a course in aviation, and after the successful completion of the course, participants will be presented with a private pilot license.

In an effort to galvanize the entire city around this initiative, the founders have partnered with former East New York District Leader Nikki Lucas, as the Community Liason for the program. In her position, Ms. Lucas has structured scholarship requirements, advocated for resource procurement, and encouraged other community leaders to join the movement.

What type of tests will participants undergo?

  • Verbal tests
  • Written tests
  • Practical flying tests

Who are the instructors?

The professional instructors who will be on hand to tutor participants are:

  • Federal Aviation Administrators
  • Certified Flight instructors

Benefits of participation

Students will experience flying first hand and be exposed to the principles of flight by master instructors.

For further inquiries, visit the United Youths Aviators website at

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