East New York’s Thomas Jefferson HS Sports Complex Getting Overhaul After 10 Years of Disrepair Thanks To Promise by Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas

Pictured left to right: DOE Chancellor David Banks, Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas, Freida Menos (Rep Hakeem Jeffries office)

As part of Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas’ 21st Century Rescue Plan for East Brooklyn, her promise of securing a brand-new football field for Thomas Jefferson HS Campus is immediately becoming a reality.

Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas stated, “we are beginning the process of “Rescuing” East Brooklyn. My 21st Century Rescue Plan for East Brooklyn is a real plan that addresses many issues that have plagued East Brooklyn neighborhoods for the past 20 years. The neglect of the Thomas Jefferson High School football field for many years is one of the many issues that we are actively resolving. The field is extremely important to our district because it provides a safe space for hundreds of student-athletes who live and go to school in the district. For more than 10 years the field has been in disrepair and for the last four years the field has been condemned. Neither the Thomas Jefferson football team nor the local youth football teams have been able to use the field for the past four years.”

Upon taking her seat as the new Assemblymember in the district Lucas immediately conducted a walk-through of the district with Mayor Eric Adams. The walk through included the Thomas Jefferson sports complex, as well as other neglected parts of the district. Mayor Adams was able to see firsthand the extent of the neglect that existed in the district for so many years.

More recently Lucas conducted a walk-through of the Thomas Jefferson field with NYC DOE Chancellor David Banks, as well as members of the School Construction Authority (SCA). The walk-through with the mayor, followed by the walkthrough with the Chancellor, has resulted in a solid commitment that construction of the Thomas Jefferson athletic complex will begin immediately.

Coaches from the Thomas Jefferson football team as well as Dr. Reid, the Principal of Civil Rights HS, located within the Thomas Jefferson Campus, were present during the most recent walk-through.

Chancellor David Banks stated, “For years the Thomas Jefferson HS field and track have fallen deeper into disrepair. We are committed to fully revitalizing this important space for students, families and the greater East New York Community with a phased approach shaped by stakeholder input. Thanks to Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas and the School Construction Authority for touring the site with me.”

Assemblywoman Lucas added, “my office suggested, and it was agreed, that members of the Thomas Jefferson Campus, including students, teachers, coaches, and parents must be included in the process. Too often fields and arts spaces are constructed without involvement of key community members, which sometimes results in new spaces that are not completely useable. Involvement of those who will use the space is vital to this project, and any project within the district, going forward.”

Work will begin immediately, with the construction of the section of the complex that includes the track and baseball field. According to the DOE the first phase, which includes the track and baseball field, will be completed within 6 months This will enable part of the athletic complex to be upgraded and usable ahead of the much larger renovation that includes the football field, bleachers, field house and handball and tennis courts which is to be done by the SCA. The DOE has just started scoping, what will be this second phase of the upgrades to the complex and anticipate the scoping to be done this fall, with construction on phase 2 to begin soon thereafter.

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