Manhattan principal builds successful high school with diverse students

(photo) Principal of the Harvest Collegiate School Kate Burch (c.), who founded a high school that welcomes schoolkids from all backgrounds, is nominated for a Hometown Heroes in Education award.  (GREGG VIGLIOTTI/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

The high school she operates has a 98% college enrollment rate, a well-rounded curriculum focusing on science and art, and unusual courses with names such as Love and Rage.

It sounds like one of the city’s elite private high schools.

But Manhattan’s Harvest Collegiate High School, founded by idealistic educator Kate Burch five years ago, is a public high school that sets aside seats for students from poor families to ensure a diverse student body.

For building a high-performing, integrated school in a segregated school system, Harvest Collegiate principal Burch is nominated for a Hometown Heroes in Education award.

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